Traumatic Car Accident? Helpful Advice for Recovery

Car accidents come with a side serving of physical and emotional trauma. Allow yourself time to heal…as new age and wishy-washy as that sounds. Don’t even think about going to work. You have a date with your duvet, a bowl of soup, and your favourite TV series. Take a break from your normal routine, and for once, let the kids bring you breakfast in bed!

Go Home

Rest. Relax. Leave yourself time to recover from your injuries and process the emotional trauma of your car accident. If you’re lucky enough to have someone in the house that can work the kettle and knows their way around the stove, let them take care of you. Don’t feel guilty about putting up your feet. Your body needs lots of sleep and recovery time. Tell work you’re going to be off-sick for a while.

See A Doctor

As soon as possible, receive medical attention. You may need treatment for the pain and a professional can offer advice on how to make your injuries more comfortable. If you plan to make a claim, you’ll need a doctor’s diagnosis to do so.

Listen To Your Body

Take things in baby steps. If you feel tired and in pain, listen to your body’s cues and rest. Take relaxing bubble baths and eat healthily. Although you’ll want to spend a lot of time chilling out, do make some time to go for small walks, just to stop your muscles from getting stiff (and increasing any aches in your body). Take someone with you, just in case you need a piggy-back home!

Use Your Support Network

It’s time to talk. Get your closest friend or family member over for a cup of tea and a chat. After experiencing a car accident, it’s important that you talk about it with others. Cry, hug, and get it all out on the table. Depending on how serious the incident was, people may have lost their lives. Whether that was someone in the other vehicle or someone close to you, you need to talk about your feelings. Also, there are a range of charities available who can help provide care and support to people involved in road accidents.

Don’t Rush Back Into Driving

You may need to slowly come to terms with driving again. Don’t push yourself into the driver’s seat as soon as you’re physically able. Instead, approach it gradually. Begin by just driving around your road and build up your confidence again.

Be aware that getting behind the wheel after an accident can cause anxiety attacks while driving. It’s best to take someone with you, just in case you do start panicking – preferably someone insured on the car that can drive you both home, should things get too serious.

Do Things That Relax You

Hobbies, such as playing video games or knitting, can have a comforting, relaxing effect. Occupy yourself with fairly sedentary activities that help you unwind. After a car accident, your body will be tensed up and on-edge. You need to reverse that effect with a fluffy dressing gown and a really good book.

Motoring incidents happen for a number of reasons, however at they look to assist people involved in a motoring accident, ensuring that they get the right help, allowing for an effective recovery.